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WATCH: BBC releases ‘Sherlock’ ...

Dec 24, 20131 Comment151 Views

BBC One has released a special mini-episode for Sherlock online. Titled ‘Many Happy Returns’, the episode is seven minutes long. A series of seemingly unconnected crimes

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Dec 08, 2013No Comments49 Views

The day has come! The first trailer for BBC’s popular drama series has just landed on the internet! Sherlock lives, and the show seems to


Photos: BBC One releases more new ‘Sh...

Dec 07, 2013No Comments61 Views

In addition to the previously released thirty stills from Sherlock, the official Facebook page of BBC One has posted additional new stills. Eight of these are


Watch: BBC releases Christmas trailer with ...

Dec 05, 2013No Comments68 Views

BBC has released a Christmas trailer for all its shows airing during the slot this year. Of course, Sherlock makes the cut. There are a few


30 new ‘Sherlock’ stills featur...

Dec 04, 20131 Comment217 Views

With the New Year approaching in less than 30 days, and bringing Sherlock series 3 premiere along with it, BBC has released a bunch of new


BBC One announces ‘Sherlock’ ai...

Nov 29, 2013No Comments60 Views

BBC has confirmed, finally if I may, the UK air dates for Sherlock on BBC One. The first episode airs on January 1, so we


WATCH: BBC releases new trailer for ‘...

Nov 23, 2013No Comments83 Views

BBC has just released a brand new trailer for series 3 of Sherlock!. The thirty-seconds trailer includes new footage of John Watson (seriously, what is going


New BTS images of Benedict Cumberbatch and ...

Nov 23, 2013No Comments86 Views

BBC has released two new behind-the-scenes picture from Sherlock series 3. Check out the full pictures by clicking below: We also recently had our first


New ‘Sherlock’ tie-in books com...

Nov 20, 2013No Comments102 Views

BBC Books are bringing out two new Sherlock tie-in books, titled The Return of Sherlock Holmes and His Last Bow, on December 5 ahead of


Photo: First episodic still from ‘She...

Nov 04, 2013No Comments50 Views

BBC One shared the first episodic still from Sherlock , showing Sherlock kind of sneaking up on John Watson? That’s Sherlock for you, I guess!