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Riverside district bans ‘The Fault in...

Sep 24, 201457 Comments2555 Views

Press Enterprise reports that after a parent complained about the content of the novel, the Riverside district committee has banned The Fault in Our Stars

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WATCH: ‘The Fault in Our Stars’...

Sep 23, 20145 Comments1740 Views

The Fault in Our Stars Honest Trailer is here…and it’s hilarious! Watch it below, and be sure to let us know what you think in


Join John Green for a global ‘The Fau...

Sep 20, 2014No Comments961 Views

John Green will be tweeting from the official @TheFaultMovie twitter today, for the global The Fault in Our Stars Twitter Party! The party is to

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WATCH: Hazel walks through airport scanner ...

Sep 16, 20144 Comments2296 Views

In another fan-favorite scene from The Fault in Our Stars by John Green which didn’t make it into the final movie cut, Hazel walks through


WATCH: Hazel and her father discuss the con...

Sep 11, 20141 Comment1777 Views

Popsugar has released a new deleted scene from The Fault in Our Stars, which includes fan-favorite lines from John Green’s novel. The clip takes place

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WATCH: Deleted scene from ‘The Fault ...

Aug 21, 2014No Comments3189 Views

In this deleted scene from The Fault in Our Stars, Hazel and Gus ride together in the ambulance to the hospital after she discovers that


Limited edition ‘The Fault in Our Sta...

Jul 21, 2014No Comments2366 Views

Fans of The Fault in Our Stars have mere months to wait until they can bring home their own little infinity on Blu-ray/DVD and now


“It’s a metaphor,” or is ...

Jul 16, 20141 Comment1732 Views

Frequently, fans ask John Green questions of every variety on his personal tumblr page. He even has a small disclaimer that states: “You can ask


‘The Fault in Our Stars’ coming...

Jul 16, 2014No Comments2258 Views

With a worldwide gross of $237.3 million, The Fault in Our Stars proved to be a formidable opponent against this summer’s blockbuster films. The film


New international poster for ‘The Fau...

Jul 04, 20141 Comment4021 Views

A new international poster for The Fault in Our Stars has hit the web hailing from Thailand (via IMP Awards). The poster features Hazel and