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WATCH: “The Twivergent Games: The Saga: B...

Mar 22, 20147 Comments1307 Views

What happens if all of our favorite young adult adaptations are combined?  The Wrap answered this question for us with the trailer for “The Twivergent Games:


“The Host” arrives on Blu-ray/D...

Jul 08, 2013No Comments374 Views

When “The Host” arrived in movie theaters in March it came and went largely unnoticed.  The reviews left it with 7% on Rotten Tomatoes and

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‘The Host’ is already available...

Jul 02, 2013No Comments400 Views

In celebration of The Host coming to DVD we have some clips to share with you all including a behind-the-scenes clip! The Host is already


‘Posh’ begins filming! Adapted ...

Jul 01, 20136 Comments1487 Views

Cues fangirl screams! Did that title just melt you into oblivion, because when I found out about this “adaptation” starring my favorite British actors, (minus


“The Host” launches early on di...

May 07, 2013No Comments156 Views

While Stephenie Meyer’s “The Host” didn’t do as well at the box office as hoped, we know a lot of people, including our team, that

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‘The Host’ DVD will become avai...

May 02, 2013No Comments138 Views

Hey Hosters, long time no see! We got word through Fanspired that The Host DVD will become available on July 9th! Only two and half

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Exclusive: Chandler Canterbury (Jamie of &#...

Mar 29, 2013No Comments299 Views

We got to chat with Chandler Canterbury, who plays Jamie (Melanie’s brother) in The Host! We spoke about Saoirse Ronan and Max Irons, plus whether

Picture 690

Exclusive ‘The Host’ Interview:...

Mar 29, 2013No Comments145 Views

We had the chance to chat with Shawn Carter Peterson, who plays Wes in ‘The Host,’ at the world premiere in Los Angeles! We chatted

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Review: ‘The Host’ is a Beautif...

Mar 28, 20133 Comments326 Views

The Host is a beautifully gripping story of love, family, sacrifice, and a bewitching display of human emotion. In Stephenie Meyer’s 2008 best-selling novel, The


MTV’s Exclusive New Trailer of ‘...

Mar 26, 20133 Comments287 Views

MTV debuted a new trailer that really plays on the fan’s emotions. It’s incredibly beautiful with a new romantic song by The Cinematic Orchestra called