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Makers of ‘Vampire Academy’ ann...

Jul 15, 20145 Comments477 Views

The Official Vampire Academy page announced on Facebook today that they have ‘raised the majority of funds’ for the second in the series of films,

Vampire Academy Movie HD Wallpaper

BREAKING: ‘Vampire Academy’ seq...

Jun 25, 201420 Comments1697 Views

Only just being reported through the Official Vampire Academy Twitter the likelihood of a sequel has increased. Thanks to the twitlonger, we have now been

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‘Vampire Academy’ now available...

May 10, 20144 Comments627 Views

Vampire Academy is now available as a Digital HD download from iTunes, and other online retailers. It will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray on

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Look alive! ‘Vampire Academy’ w...

May 01, 20141 Comment973 Views

With Vampire Academy’s unfortunate box office run, most countries did not have a chance to see the film in theaters. Good news is the film


‘Vampire Academy’ DVD release d...

Apr 03, 20147 Comments1364 Views

Dhampir Life brought our attention to Vampire Academy’s upcoming DVD release date. Amazon has the Vampire Academy DVD listed up for purchase on May 20th.

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Richelle Mead reveals the many titles ̵...

Mar 26, 20148 Comments2045 Views

Richelle Mead, author of the hit series Vampire Academy, took to her blog, Blue Succubus, to reveal all the titles that Vampire Academy almost had.


WATCH: We want you to see ‘Vampire Ac...

Feb 15, 20143 Comments535 Views

As the title says WE WANT YOU TO SEE VAMPIRE ACADEMY! In the two videos below Christine and myself, in the first few minutes, persuade

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Exclusive: ‘Vampire Academy’ re...

Feb 09, 201412 Comments621 Views

I (Natasha Polis), and Christine Riccio from YouTube had the amazing opportunity to cover some of the press events leading up to the premiere the

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WATCH: ‘Vampire Academy’ music ...

Feb 07, 20142 Comments821 Views

This new music video from Chvrches cover of “Bela Lugosis’s Dead” is brilliant. The first part is an animated explanation of the three different vampire


Hilarious and Refreshing

REVIEW: ‘Vampire Academy’ is an...

Feb 07, 201418 Comments1805 Views

Wow! Let’s just get everything out on the table right now. This movie doesn’t “suck” at entertaining. Vampire Academy is a fun movie, and a