Contact Kimmy West, site founder and editor-in-chief:

I don’t actually receive hundreds of emails a day (some of you have mentioned you think I do) so don’t be afraid to contact me! I don’t bite. ;)

If you’re interested in writing for Page to Premiere, please send an email with information about you, a list of related experience / positions you’ve held in writing, social media, etc, and writing samples. Information on your experience with HTML and WordPress is a plus! If you would like to, you can include your resume. I also just want to hear how passionate you are about what we cover, since all the specifics can be taught. Passion for reading, film, and the process of adaptation, cannot! Being a reporter at Page to Premiere is unpaid at this time.

We’re getting a surge of applicants at the moment, so we may be a bit more selective. We look for people who are older than 15, and can write well, and have WordPress experience. Include a sample article showing an example of what you’d write for us!

Would you like to be a BookTube partner?

We’re starting a BookTube partnership program here on Page to Premiere, where folks who make videos on YouTube about the book-to-movie fandom world can share their videos on our site. Email for more information.

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For quicker responses to general inquiries, you can send a message to our Facebook page. You can also contact us via our Twitter page, and our Tumblr.

  • trisha anne mandap

    hello! i am interested in applying for a position but I’m only 13 years old, i have a bit of experience because I manage some Street Team Accounts. Can i still apply?