Shailene Woodley clarifies that she has not officially dropped out of ‘Ascendant’


Shailene Woodley shared a bit ago that she “didn’t sign up” to star in a TV show, when the news hit the web that Ascendant would be skipping the big screen. The media took her quote to mean that she officially would not be starring as Tris in the final installment, but now a new interview is saying otherwise. Shailene chatted with The Hollywood Reporter and shared that nothing has officially been decided, and that she would love to complete the story. I expect it’s all to do with contract negotiations and salary discussions, because a TV movie and spin off television show is a completely different type of project from a feature film. It could go either way at this point, and I wouldn’t get too excited about Shailene Woodley completing Tris Prior’s story, but it’s not officially ruled out as of yet.

SHAILENE WOODLEY: They haven’t finalized any decisions, so it’s actually a moot point to talk about it now, out of respect to Lionsgate and everyone involved. I’m not exactly sure where they stand so we are kind of all in a limbo game … I signed up to tell the whole story of Tris, and I would love to be able to do that. Nothing would make me happier.

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