EXCLUSIVE: Callie McClincy, the little Candor girl of ‘Insurgent,’ talks advice from Shailene Woodley


1. How did you get the role as the little Candor girl? What was the audition process like?

Well, I started acting when I was 3, so I’ve been auditioning for a lot of years. I got the audition from my agent so I sent in a tape. This was one of those film roles that you never think you have a chance at, so you just do your best and forget about it. When my agent called to tell us that I had booked a film role, we said, “wait, what film?”! We were so surprised and super happy! I am VERY thankful to Lisa Mae Fincannon for considering me for the role. She is the local casting director who sent my tape to producers. It sounds crazy to say that I booked this role from a taped audition, but you would have to know that I have been auditioning for Lisa Mae in tape and in person for several years and had also read for LA casting,Venus Kanani and Mary Vernieu before. So they did know me and I’m thankful that they trusted me to do it.

2. Have you read the books?

Yes, I have read the books, mostly. My mom read them first and we would have nightly reading time and she would watch me and make me skip some parts or start reading it to me instead.


3. Who is your favorite character and what is your favorite part of the entire series?

My favorite character is definitely Tris! My favorite part is when Tris jumps first into Dauntless faction. It shows her bravery and a big part of who she is throughout the series.

4. How did you get into acting?

I got into acting because my sister was doing it and I was fascinated by the whole process and could not wait until I could do it too!

5. What is your favorite part of being an actress?

I love reading scripts and getting to know a character and then getting to pretend to be them for a moment, but my favorite part is being on set and meeting so many different people from all over the world.


6. What was a funny moment on set?
All of my scenes were pretty serious so there weren’t really any funny moments filming that, but off set Emjay [Anthony] was pretty funny. Our set teacher Lucas liked to sneak ring pops from crafty for kids, but it was funny because we couldn’t ever eat them on set or our mouths would turn colors! One day Emjay popped his out after he wrapped and was using it as a sword or something and our moms snapped some pics.

7. Do you think you could jump off a train like Tris?

I really do! I am not afraid of heights and I LOVE adventure and challenges, so I say yes. 😉

8. What was your favorite part about working with Shailene Woodley?

Can I just say that Shailene is really just the nicest person and so “real”! She was the best scene partner I have ever had! She was SO good in every take and she made it easy for me to have to cry over and over. They had those fake tears on the side and they never had to use them because Shai made everything so real.

9. What was your favorite part about working with Jai Courtney?

Well I won’t lie and say he wasn’t scary! Let’s just say that he stayed in character and I guess that’s my favorite part because it made it easier to act scared when a scary guy wants to kill you.


10. Describe what it was like to shoot the scene where all the Candor faction members fall asleep, with Shailene! Seems like a very fun scene.

That was my favorite scene! Well in the book I was sleeping too and Tris steps on my pinkie finger, but in the film I just walk out of a room and she finds me. So I didn’t have to be laying on the stairs like all the other actors. We had to shoot it I think like 20 times for every angle and all of the actors did a great job! I just had to walk out into the stairway and start crying and looking for my mom. It sure was fun to shoot the scene and I had a great day, but I did have a migraine that night from crying over and over until I didn’t have any tears left!

11. Did anyone give you advice on set about life, and acting?

Actually Shailene talked to me and my mom on set for a LONG time about acting and life! She gave us SO much advice! She said that I reminded her of her when she was a young actor because I love it so much and am so serious about doing a good job on set like she was. My favorite thing she said was, “no matter what, don’t ever stop being you and don’t ever change and always stay sweet and humble and enjoy life outside of acting”. The amazing Shailene that everyone falls in love with on TV? Yes, that is Shai every day. She is that way always and to everyone. Genuine, kind, sweet, funny, and beautiful. Inside and out.



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