Lauren Kate shares additional information about ‘Fallen’ movie (+ trailers)


Lauren Kate, the author of Fallen (and subsequent novels in the popular series), has taken to her website to share more information about the film, trailers, and release date. In her short letter she revealed that the trailer making it’s rounds online is the international trailer, and was released a bit earlier than planned. We will be getting a higher quality version of that one soon as it premieres across the world next month! In addition, a brand new U.S. trailer will premiere online shortly, and we’ll be warned before it is released (so stay tuned and be sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook). Finally, we’ll also find out the film’s release date, so we all can start counting down. See her full letter below!

Haven’t seen the trailer yet? Click here to watch it!

Incredible Fallenatics,

Thank you for your ecstatic reaction to the trailer that was released online yesterday. You finally got to see glimpses of what makes the Fallen movie so special. Your enthusiasm impressed everyone involved in the movie. (#fallenmovie was the number one worldwide trending topic on Twitter—bravo!)

In the midst of yesterday’s excitement, there was also confusion about whether the trailer was official, how to see the HD version, how to show your support, and when the movie is coming out around the world. We’re sorry about that. The trailer released yesterday was the International Trailer—and it was released earlier than we anticipated or planned. You will be seeing more of that trailer next month around the world. There is also a never-before-seen official US trailer that will be coming your way shortly. This time, we’ll be sure to let you know before it drops. Our release date will also be announced at last.

We are grateful for your ongoing and impressive support.

Passionately yours,

Lauren Kate


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