Author reminds us “not every female character has to be a shining example of feminism”


An anonymous author on Reddit, the social sharing site, has shared an interesting paragraph on her opinion regarding the obsession with “strong female characters” that have a backbone and don’t give in to stereotypes. While all of this is well and good, and we all love our strong female leads, she reminds us that not all characters need to be this shining beacon of moral and personal perfection – and that sometimes, that’s the point. I mean, how boring would books be if all characters were held to the moral standard of today’s society? It’s just not realistic – people aren’t perfect. I like to feel like characters in books are realistic, and not all humans are shining examples of feminism, so all characters won’t be either. Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments, and read the author’s paragraph below.

I’m an author, my first book was published a few months ago and has become popular where I live. The reviews are rolling in.

The one character that seems to get criticized the most is the female antagonist. They say she’s weak and a bad example of women/feminism.

SHE’S SUPPOSED TO BE! She’s a murderer with borderline personality disorder and psychopathic traits, she’s not a role model. She manipulates the two male antagonists and much as they do her.
Some of the female protagonists are weak, some are strong because I wrote them as people not political statements. Can’t anyone just enjoy a book anymore without trying to find some hidden meaning that isn’t there?

What do you think about her thoughts?


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