Fans around the world react to first ‘Fallen’ trailer


After the release of the first trailer for Fallen based on the novel by Lauren Kate, fans have taken to YouTube to share their video reactions as they see their favorite characters in live action for the first time. Many fans of this series are from all over the world, so some of these aren’t in English (shoutout to our Brazillian readers), but I thought I’d share them anyway! Lauren Kate has recently confirmed that we’ll be getting another trailer, this time a domestic United States teaser, in the coming week. So, stay tuned for that!

Have you seen the trailer? Click here to watch it!

Genevieve Le Roux

Aplausos & Quiasmas

Miranda (BooKss101)

Once Upon A Book

Bisbilhotando Literatura

Jéssica Thainan

Entre Páginas Y Tinta

Atividade Desordenada

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