‘Looking For Alaska’ movie dream cast – see our picks, and share yours!


As you might have heard, John Green’s Looking For Alaska is officially being made into a movie. It is being released by Paramount, and will be adapted into a screenplay by Michael Weber and Scott Neustader of The Fault In Our Stars, Paper Towns, and (500) Days of Summer fame. Rebecca Thomas has been confirmed as the director of the upcoming movie, and filming was reported to be scheduled to begin in Michigan over the next few months.

There have been no casting announcements yet, which makes us believe the release date (and filming) will probably be pushed to a date later than the previous release announcement of January 2016. The Wrap previously reported that the delayed release is due to casting woes – they just can’t find the perfect Alaska, but we’ll keep you posted! Since I am a huge fan of this book, and believe that it’s John Green’s best, I have made a dream cast list of who I believe will be the best fit for the roles. Who would you choose?

SYNOPSIS: Miles Halter is in search of the great perhaps which leads him to escape his current life and hometown so he can attend a boarding school in Alabama. As he starts to settle in and befriend his roommate, he meets a girl down the hall named Alaska Young. Miles develops a crush on her because she is everything he’s not. She’s adventurous,mysterious and unpredictable. Will Miles life changes forever after meeting Alaska Young? Find out in this story about finding yourself and realizing that everyone has their own demons to battle.

Miles Halter (Pudge): Dylan O’Brien

Alaska Young: Liana Liberato

Chip Martin (The Colonel): Evan Peters

Takumi Hikohito: Justin Chon

Who would you pick?


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  1. Omg YES for Dylan, YEEES FOR EVAN !!! But urgh not Alaska. I see Hayley williams even if she’ not an actress or maybe, margot robbie

  2. I ACTUALLY think Liana could really work as Alaska, especially after seeing her in Stuck in Love with Nat Wolff. Dylan O’Brien is just too old to convince me anymore, but I think someone who would be perfect for Pudge would be Liam James, and Cameron Monaghan could probably work as Colonel

    So yeah:
    Liam James – Miles/Pudge
    Liana Liberato – Alaska Young
    Cameron Monaghan – Chip/Colonel

    • I was thinking the same about Liana, she did a great job in Stuck in Love and I think that she would be a great Alaska. And how didn’t I think about Cameron Monaghan as Colonel? He would be great!!
      Also I don’t know what I think about Dylan O’Brien being Pudge, I love him a lot but I don’t think that the paper would suit him well, and neither do Liam James convince me. I’m sure that John Green will find the perfect cast and I can’t wait to know who they’ll be.

  3. I’m so down with this cast! I hope the film is still in fact getting made even though Paper Towns did not do as well as the company would have hoped.

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