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LOCATION: Northern California
TWITTER: @KimmyMary
BIO: I’ve been following books as they became movies since my Harry Potter addiction that begun at the age of 9. I fell into the world of online journalism through starting fan sites, my first of which was launched as a hobby in 2007 when I was 15 all about Twilight, and had nothing besides the HTML knowledge of a teenager who visited Neopets and MySpace (woah, retro). I still have a fansite today, all about The Hunger Games, called It can get exhausting writing about one thing all day, and building up a website only to have the franchise end isn’t a very good site model after a while. I realized that most normal movie sites don’t provide enough information to meet the demand of book fans, that’s why they visit fan sites. However, fan sites hardly ever get great press access – and when a book is becoming a film, die-hard fans want to know everything. That’s where my idea for a website about adaptations came about! A site that had all the positives of a big movie site, while also really catering to the fans of the books. After around three years of trial and error, Page to Premiere began to grow, and today it’s bigger than I ever imagined. Thank you so much for making the site what it is today. I’m also currently traveling the world as a digital nomad, and writing about the experience on my lifestyle/mental health/travel blog called Jolvie.


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LOCATION: Southern California
BIO: Natasha is an 19 year old born and raised California girl. She is currently working her way toward being a professional hair and makeup artist, but fills her free time fangirling over her favorite series and actors. She loves reading, designing geek apparel for Bitter~Sweet Stories Designs with her best friend, and enjoys spending time with her family, lovable fat cat, and hyper husky! Check her out on her YouTube Channel – TashaPolis, and fangirl alongside her on Twitter @TashaPolis!


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LOCATION: Southern California
TWITTER: @OhMyCarlisle
BIO: Amy joined Page to Premiere Network in 2011 as a writer for the Twilight fansite, Her role expanded in 2012 when she became an editor at When it comes to book to film adaptations, she gets the most excited over The Twilight Saga and anything Stephenie Meyer related, Harry Potter, Jane’s named Austen and Eyre, all things Disney, superheroes with a preference for Marvel, and musicals. She’s known in many circles as OhMyCarlisle and you can follow her under that nom de plume on twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram. She’s also Twilight fan fiction writer, Esme Mom Cullen. Originally from Southern New Jersey, she now makes her home near the beach in the Los Angeles area. When she’s not fan-girling, she’s working in communications and corporate social responsibility at a well-known company in corporate America.

Writers and BookTube Partners:

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 12.30.27 AMTanvi Berwah (News Writer):

Tanvi is a 23 year old MA student at the University of Delhi. She was reading and writing as soon as she could, and picked up the first Harry Potter book at 10, and the rest is history. She started her first fansite in 2007,, dedicated to Evanna Lynch and then went on to continue reading books and making fansites for them, including,, and the now-closed Of course, these were all movies-based sites and as more adaptations started to appear on TV, she decided it was time she focused on that. So that’s what she does at Page To Premiere, write about books that come to life weekly. When not writing, going to classes and obsessing over pop-culture, she keeps up with world politics, and spend a lot of time on Twitter @xginnyx. Come say hi!

sorayaSoraya (News Writer):

Soraya is a 20 year old Brit that has been taught to read before she could probably even walk! YA is what she’s grown to love and favour, though her English student self has branched out into other types of fiction! She currently studies at Southampton University, while juggling her obsession for Tumblr, twitter comics and every book that is in the midst of being adapted. She loves the film industry in general, and talks about it at any opportunity given, and someday she hopes to become an editor in a publishing house giving major YA fans and readers a chance to nurture and grow as writers! If you want to witness her talking about all things geeky and YA follow her on twitter @runnersmaze!

ChristineHayley Mallary (News Writer):

Hayley is a 20 year old pop culture fanatic that enjoys obsessing over movies, television shows and books in her free time. Her fangirl life began as soon as she found the first Harry Potter book at the age of eight. This passion continued on to the Twilight series, The Mortal Instruments series and far too many more to name. When she’s not (almost) constantly reading, she’s usually on scrolling on Tumblr, looking up everything about celebrities or just screaming about how fictional boys are the best. She is currently in college and majoring in Journalism. Feel free to follow her on twitter @partmermaid.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 1.37.13 PMYaunna Sommersby (News Writer):

Yaunna is a 20 year old, full-time Journalism and Communications student from British Columbia, Canada. Although she lives in Canada now, she was born in Portland and has been raised up and down the West Coast of North America. She has a love for all things entertainment and runs her own site called TrulyLuminary. She considers herself to be a Nerdfighter, Muggle, Tribute, and an Initiate. When she isn’t blogging she helps take care of her naughty kitties Eskimo and Nuit and her beagle Lila. One day, she wants to be a professional entertainment journalist and she loves writing for Page to Premiere.

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 2.48.57 PMDesiree Ortega (News Writer):

Desiree is 30, ‘flirty and thriving’ (well, not really) and lives in South Florida. Books—all the books, movies, and coffee—lots of coffee—make her very happy. When she’s not working part time content writing about organic hair products, you can find her reading, or working on her first fiction YA novel. With background pursuits in theatre, music and film, she’s always been passionate about seeing stories brought to life through all forms of artistic expression. Her first book/movie loves were all things period dramas-of course all things Jane Austen. Divergent was the book that helped her realize there was no shame in loving YA, and that the genre was where she belonged and wanted to write for. She is proud to say that she will be a fangirl til the day she’s old and gray. She hopes to achieve the dream of becoming a published author one day. Reading, writing, and shenanigans can be found on her twitter (@dreamymarie) and blog site. ( Feel free to stop by and say ‘Hi!’

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 1.39.12 PMMolly Butler (News Writer):

Molly is a 21 year old english major at Ohio University with a passion for all things literary. Are you surprised? In her spare time she is an active photographer, vanilla chai enthusiast and an avid watcher of reruns. Her daydreams include working for a publishing company in which she can make brilliant stories and characters come to life and running away with an Englishman. To witness this silly, fangirling human in action follow on Twitter or on Tumblr.

ChristineChristine Riccio (Booktuber):

Christine Riccio is a 22 year old girl with a passion for storytelling. She recently graduated from Boston University and is striving to find her place in the real world. Christine’s most widely known for her YouTube videos in which she tries to make people laugh and encourage humans to read.

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Maggie Parke (Columnist):

@MaggieParke is head of development at Elfin Productions, as well as a freelance script editor and fan consultant. Her PhD was on the incorporation of the fan and fan culture in event film adaptation, and she did her research on the sets of ‘Twilight’ and ‘Captain America’. She’s a Welshophile and did her MA and PhD in Bangor, Wales in the United Kingdom, where she now lives and works ( Raised on Arthurian legends, and the works of Tolkien, Lewis, Susan Cooper, and Louisa May Alcott, she loves good characters, good writing, and a happy ending.

SASHASasha Alsberg (Booktuber / Writer):

Sasha is a 17 year old book lover who lives in Chicago. Sasha’s passions include blogging on her site, talking to the camera and building a community on her YouTube channel Abookutopia and seeking adventures that will create lasting memories. She aspires to get a major in marketing & advertisement and work for a publishing company.

mariyamkhanMariyam Khan (News Writer):

Mariyam is a 23 year old Londoner with a BSC in Sociology & Communications from Brunel university. When she isn’t adventuring across London with her trusted camera, or of course obsessing over any and every Cassandra Clare novel. She makes nerdy pieces of jewellery based on much loved books and movies for her Etsy shop, Oh Panda Eyes. The first book she was bewitched over being adapted into a film was Harry Potter, touring every inch of the UK for any house, hill and road that Harry Potter was filmed on, to camping out for the last ever premiere brought her closer to one of her favourite adaptations. Though she loves an array of genres, YA and the classic’s are her favourites. Page to Premiere lets her share movie and book review’s, as well as one of a kind pieces about lingering question all fangirl’s and boy’s may have, but haven’t had answered! If you’d like to witness tonnes of fangirling over movies, books and all things geeky you can follow her on twitter: @LadyBird_1990