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The first three ‘Twilight Saga’...

Dec 11, 201429 Comments444 Views

At Comic Con this past summer I met New Moon director Chris Weitz and he said there is probably a New Moon extended edition in


‘The Twilight Saga: The Official Illu...

Nov 15, 20149 Comments897 Views

Did you know Demetri was transformed into a vampire by Amun?  Did you know Alice’s father plotted to have her killed? Did you know Carlisle


The second official ‘Fifty Shades of ...

Nov 13, 2014No Comments899 Views

The all new trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey premiered during the Scandal episode tonight on ABC. We aren’t the most popular website for Fifty


The ‘Twilight’ Storytellers con...

Nov 11, 2014No Comments843 Views

MTV shared an exclusive video earlier where Twilight star Kristen Stewart, and the rest of the women involved with the Storytellers contest announced the official


Stephenie Meyer speaks out about ‘Twi...

Oct 07, 20142 Comments1567 Views

Today Stephenie Meyer shared her thoughts on her website, StephenieMeyer.com, about last week’s announcement that she is working with Lionsgate and other partners to work


Stephenie Meyer and Kristen Stewart to work...

Sep 30, 20145 Comments2282 Views

There’s a moment when a girl looses her fangirl mind and that would be when there is real Twilight news!  It seems that it can


Will YA contemporary novels be the hot new ...

Jun 11, 20145 Comments2004 Views

With the recent box office hit Hollywood has with The Fault in Our Stars in theaters, will the industry be looking to acquire the rights


Bill Condon in talks to direct Disney’...

Apr 11, 20143 Comments2563 Views

The internet was abuzz with news of Disney’s re-boot of a tale as old as time, Beauty and The Beast, as a live-action film. Do


Shailene Woodley says ‘Twilight’...

Mar 12, 20147 Comments1380 Views

Shailene Woodley touched on the Twilight relationship during her MTV First interview for Divergent, and she wasn’t very glowing in her review. ‘Twilight,’ I’m sorry,


New “The Twilight Saga” love so...

Jan 22, 20142 Comments4214 Views

Today on the official The Twilight Saga facebook it was announced that a new mix of “The Twilight Saga” soundtrack songs is coming out.  “The