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Fansites Exclusive Interview: Peter Facinel...

Jul 24, 20121 Comment79 Views

Continuing with the series of fansite interviews, which took place at Comic Con and started with Mackenzie Foy yesterday, today we are profiling our discussion


New Interview: Mackenzie Foy talks about me...

Jul 23, 20121 Comment72 Views

On July 12 at Comic Con, the Twilight fansites got a chance to sit down with Mackenzie Foy, Renesmee in “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn,


Teen Choice Awards 2012: The Twilight Saga,...

Jul 22, 2012No Comments52 Views

Updated 7/23/12 at 10:40 p.m. PT “The  Twilight Saga” was honored with the Ultimate Choice Award at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards, recognizing the Saga’s


PHOTOS: Meet the Egyptian Coven of “T...

Jul 21, 2012No Comments64 Views

About The Egyptian Coven Leader: Amun Members: Amun, Kebi, Benjamin & Tia Special Powers: Benjamin can manipulate the elements – water, earth, air & fire. Relationship to the


PHOTOS: Meet the Romanian Coven of “T...

Jul 21, 2012No Comments52 Views

About The Romanian Coven Leader: None – They are the last two of a once great coven. Members: Stefan & Vladimir Special Powers: None. Relationship to the Cullens: Always


PHOTOS: Meet the Amazon Coven of “The...

Jul 21, 20122 Comments65 Views

About The Amazon Coven Leader: None. Members: Senna & Zafrina Special Powers: Zafrina can make her target see any illusion she wants, or nothing at all. Relationship to


PHOTOS: Meet the Irish Coven of “The ...

Jul 21, 20122 Comments69 Views

 About The Irish Coven The Irish Coven Leader: Siobhan Members: Siobhan, Liam & Maggie Special Powers: Maggie is able to tell if a person is lying. Relationship to the


Photos: Meet the Denali Coven of The Twilig...

Jul 21, 2012No Comments81 Views

About The Denali Coven Leader: Tanya Members: Tanya, Kate, Irina, Carmen & Eleazar Special Powers: Eleazar can sense the type and strength of gifted vampires’


Introducing New Faces Fridays with Casey La...

Jul 20, 20121 Comment119 Views

Each Friday from now through the fall, the Twilight fansites will be introducing you to the Cullen family’s vampire allies from  “The Twilight Saga: Breaking


Comic Con 2012: The Twilight Saga fan exper...

Jul 19, 20121 Comment81 Views

When Kristen hated saying the word “bittersweet,” during the final “Twilight” panel at Comic Con, I think quite a few of us in Hall H