5 waves of feelings you’ll experience while watching ‘The 5th Wave’


If you’re anything like me, since you finished the book you have been waiting for this—the moment when The 5th Wave finally hit the big screen. After so much anticipation the film has finally arrived and it most definitely delivered. Below are 5 of the feels you will have while watching the movie!

1. Fear

As the film opens you will most definitely be afraid. The way that this world has been established and translated onto the big screen is most definitely a little frightening. The Others (aka the aliens who invade Earth) so tactfully try to erase the human race and it is sufficiently terrifying. As the movie moves onward you feel afraid for your favourite characters, unsure if they are going to make it to the end. Each crunch of leaves or gunshot makes you jump, keeping you on the edge of your seat at all times. Fear was most definitely one of the first things I felt while watching this movie.

2. Sadness

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After the fear comes sadness. The movie almost had me in tears within the first 15 minutes because of all of the death the characters are witnessing. The scene where Cassie and her brother get separated is completely heartbreaking. Zackary Arthur, the actor who plays Cassie’s younger brother Sam, does an AMAZING job portraying his character. I truly felt the desperation in Sam as he was separated from his family and I just wanted to sob for him. I also felt really bad for Ben/Zombie. He so clearly loved his sister and I just felt the pang of loss that he was constantly feeling and it further increased my sadness.
On an adaption note, I was sad for the relationships that suffered for the purposes of time. This was understandable because it was a huge book to try to stuff into a 2 hour movie and not as much time was able to be spent on supporting characters. I was mostly sad that we didn’t get to spend more time with Zombie’s squad. In the book you truly came to love them and see their strong bond after all of their training and fighting together. Unfortunately in the movie you do not get as much of a glimpse into their team. I was happy that the movie included some cute scenes with Zombie and Nugget though!!

3. Anticipation

The 5th Wave

If you are a fan of the book anticipation is something that you have been feeling since movie rumours first started. It was a feeling that did not go away once I was in the movie theatre. With the way certain events occur in the book you are quite sure of who the enemy is, however with the changes that were made in the movie it is not as clear. Rest assured, these changes are not big and I personally think they made my viewing experience more enjoyable. I spent a large part of the movie anticipating when the characters would have their *AHA* moment and realize who they need to fight.

4. Disappointment

The 5th Wave

With any adaption, die hard fans are bound to feel disappointment and this rings true for The 5th Wave. Do not be afraid though, this disappointment was minimal! The main thing I was disappointed about was how rushed the movie felt. It starts off strong, but as the plot thickens and realizations start occurring it all begins to feel too fast. Unfortunately this rush causes some parts to feel cheesy. I was also a little bit disappointed about Ringer. This is not because Maika Monroe portrayed her badly at all, Maika did a great job! This was because we did not have enough time to grow to love her like we did in the book, instead she came off somewhat annoying. I am quite happy to say that those were my only disappointments!

5. Pride

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Right as the movie opened I felt a surge of pride at how well this story was adapted. Not only does the movie start off the EXACT same way as the book, it continues on that trajectory all the way to the end. I appreciated that the movie changed point of views between Cassie and Ben just like in the book, especially because the trailer didn’t make it seem like that would be the case. I was proud of Chloe Grace Moretz (Cassie), Nick Robinson (Ben/Zombie), Alex Roe (Evan), and Zackary Arthur (Sam) for their fabulous embodiments of each of their characters. These characters all came to life exactly as I imagined and I am so glad that the actors did them justice. With the great acting and special effects I was so proud of the way this movie came together.

The 5th Wave is now out in theatres so make sure you go check it out and let us know how you felt about it!


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