Chris Evans and Jared Leto in talks for ‘The Girl on The Train’ movie


Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson and Haley Bennett have already joined the adaptation of The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, which is to be directed by Tate Taylor (The Help). Emily Blunt will play the titular character, Rachel, who is an alcoholic divorcee who admires an idyllic couple on her train journey every day. Rebecca Ferguson plays the once-mistress now-wife of Rachel’s ex-husband, and Hayley Bennett plays the female counterpart of the couple Rachel admires on the train (who becomes central to the plot’s mystery and intrigue).

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Chris Evans and Jared Leto are currently in talks to star in the movie, in central roles. They haven’t officially joined the project, due to scheduling woes, but I feel like these two would be excellent choices for this project. Do you agree?

Who would Chris Evans play?

Chris Evans, famous for starring as Captain America in the hugely successful Marvel franchise (as well as The Avengers franchise), would play Tom. Tom is Rachel’s ex-husband, whom she’s still in love with, and is a central character that is important to the plot from beginning to end.

Who would Jared Leto play?

Jared Leto, known for Dallas Buyers Club and the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, would play the male counterpart of the couple Rachel admires from the train. While originally only seen from afar, Rachel (Emily Blunt) eventually meets up with him in person to discuss what she knows of the mystery surrounding his wife.

SYNOPSIS: Rachel, a jobless alcoholic, spends her daily train ride fantasizing about the seemingly perfect couple living in a house that she passes. After coming home one night covered in blood and unable to remember much from a blackout drinking episode, she begins to realize that she may have witnessed or been involved in a crime.


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