Dylan O’Brien reveals he almost quit acting after ‘Maze Runner’ injury


Dylan O’Brien has come out of his recovery to begin to talk about his injury on The Maze Runner: The Death Cure set. He explained:

“I really was in a dark place there for a while and it wasn’t an easy journey back. There was a time there where I didn’t know if I would ever do it again…and that thought scared me, too. In a lot of ways, those six months went by like that,” he says, snapping his fingers. “And then, in a lot of ways, I can still remember that six months as if it was five years of my life. I had lost a lot of function, just in my daily routine. I wasn’t even at a point where I felt like I could handle social situations, let alone showing up and being responsible for work every day. Long hours on set, delivering a performance and carrying a movie, it just makes your palms sweat.”

He moves on to explain his anxiety and anger after constantly being checked on by studio execs, asking when he’d be ready to return. You can read the rest of his interview in the full article.

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